Barbara Brown began her artistic sojourn many years ago while working with textiles. This eventually became a bridge to her career as a paper and book artist. Her pieces are often collaborations with poets: for her, there is a certain alchemy that occurs when three dimensional imagery is combined with text. Barbara has been an artist member of WSG Gallery since 2004 and curates Beyond Words: A Celebration of Book Arts each year. She has had work in book shows around the country and in special collections at the University of Michigan Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, the University of Michigan School of Art and Design Library, and the Library of Michigan in Lansing. She is on the faculty of The Hollanders School of Book and Paper Arts in Ann Arbor where she has also been a guiding member of four summer residencies, the Rudolf Steiner High School of Ann Arbor, and, most recently, an adjunct instructor at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design. She was the recipient of the 3rd Annual Kerrytown Community Book Award given at the 2008 Kerrytown BookFest.